Referral Rewards

In pursuance of our vision to become the biggest society for entrepreneurs  within our country of presence, over a short period of time, our member referral reward system has be developed to reward our members for spreading the good news of Enterprisers MPCS Ltd.

This also gives our member opportunity to earn massive passive income via a reward plan for their efforts. Word of mouth or human referrals is still the most effective form of adverts, at such we have chosen this as our major form of publicity and awareness creation.

Our Referral Reward System is a 5 X 7 Force Matrix system that makes it easy for everyone to achieve more from direct and indirect efforts.

Our referral system is a simple matrix system, not a board system or staged matrix systems. Here a member gets paid immediately he/she refers a new member. No waiting until a level is complete. Get paid for you effort and team’s effort instantly into your account.

No feeder matrix or waiting for people to join you at a particular stage before earning, NO! You earn the minute a new member joins your single matrix directly or indirectly.

Referral bonus is earned to infinity. We pay weekly, all earnings in week one are paid in week two. Every FRIDAY is our pay day.

Our Referral Reward System is designed to give you the FREEDOM you deserve, no enslavement.


Ranks Potential Income Rank Achievement Bonus/Incentives
Starter 5,000    
Developer 10,000    
Supervisor 25,000 50,000.00 Business Funds
Senior Supervisor 125,000 250,000.00 Home/Office Appliance/Business Funds
Manger 406,250 3,000,000.00 Car, Business & Int'l Trip Funds
Senior Manager 625,000 5,000,000.00 House, Investment & Int'l Trip Funds

Director 2,343,750 15,000,000.00 House, Car & Investment Funds

Our Referral Reward System places you truly in the B-Quadrant and gives you the power of the I-Quadrant of the CASHFLOW Quadrant, cause at Director’s Level you automatically move to the profit sharing board of Enterprisers MPCS Ltd, where Directors shares 2% of Monthly profit from different investment portfolios.

Our Slogan here is:-

Truly B, Truly I, Truly Passive and Massive !!!

Get on board TODAY!