Investment Portfolios

images (1)As our members grow their personal business, earning massively from our referral reward system, and enjoying business grants, they also have the opportunity to make themselves INVESTORS.

Investors have their money working for them, as we all know, when money is working for you it does not get tired, it does not go on vacations, it does not get sick nor die. It is always at work for you.

Members can invest in any of the following portfolios:-

  1. Real Estate
  2. Energy (Power, Oil & Gas)
  3. Paper/Currency Market (Gold, Silver & Foreign Currencies)
  4. Agriculture
  5. Education
  6. Entertainment
  7. Small Scale Industries

As new portfolios are introduced, members will be updated and brought to speed on the returns on investment of each portfolio and its frequency of returns.

This is the ultimate quadrant, were members earn passive income from different investment portfolio and begin to enjoy MULTIPLE INCOME, TIME & FINANCIAL FREEDOM.