Castor Oil Farm

Castor plant "the new oil on tree " it’s been discovered that Nigeria has the best land to grow castor in the world, yet this product is imported, about N26billion worth of castor oil is imported yearly and yet it's not enough, because of its enormous benefits and importance in almost all industries and also used as a basic thing in our everyday lives. Castor bean is so important, yet we don't even know:-
 The reason why your paints glossy is castor
 It’s a basic thing in our life.
 Woman in labour needs castor oil.
 Even the cars we drive glows, thanks to castor( talking about the paint)
 The shiny woodwork and furniture in your house, castor is d secret.
 Almost anything you see that is shinny has Castor oil in it.
 Do you know that Electricity generating Companies need castor oil? Unfortunately Power Holdings in Nigeria import castor oil for transformers.
The Money In Castor Is Even More In Production Of Its Oil.
With a small machine a castor oil producer can make 1 Billion Naira in a year
Crude castor oil could be sold to electricity company, textile industries, paint industries, aviation industries, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, to mention a few. All this industries needs castor oil and presently they import the oil from India and China.
 Pharmaceutical industries need organic castor bean oil to produce pain killers
 The world consumption is high and production is too low
 Castor is very rich in protein, but also very poisonous, because of the high Rasin content, though the rasin can be removed.

Castor is a 5 - 7 year plant. This means that one time investment will last for at least 5 good years. To us, this is incredible, currently we are working with an estimate of five years in our investment projection.

A ton of castor bean sells for $1000 to $1,500 USD as at now. If you plant castor on 2½ acres of land (1 hecter). You get 1 ton every 5 - 6 months for 5 - 7 years. This means you will harvest for about 10 times.

It starts producing as from the 5th month after planting. It only needs 4 rains, or watering to survive. And that makes you a silent millionaire because people don't even know it when they see it.

The whites come to us to look for it. We don't have good castor seed in Nigeria but we have the best land for castor plant. Enterprisers has gotten access to good castor seed (finest quality of hybrids).


Castor farming is Nigeria's second oil.

Do you know why?

Majority of the world's population live in temperate zone: USA, Canada, Japan,Uruguay, ALL of Europe, Northern Africa, Middle East etc. Castor plant does so well only in tropical zone like ours. All this nation above can't farm Castor and even if they do, it won't yield much, which has led to different Improved varieties.

Yet Castor will do far better in tropical zone like Nigeria. India knows that if Nigeria start massive Castor farming we will share a greater part of the global market. They have subtropical and and other climates are not too favorable to Castor plant.

Castor plant grows optimally in tropical summer rainfall areas. The high content of the oil in the seeds can be attributed to the warm climate conditions. But temperature low enough to induce the formation of frost is known to kill the plant.

That's why Nigeria has one of the best climate for Castor plant farming.

Let us take the lead as ENTERPRISERS.

Enterprisers is current setting up a 10 Hectares Castor Farm in Edo State. Investment into this portfolio is currently on going.

Minimum Investment: NGN40,000
Maximum Investment: NGN400,000
Return On Investment (ROI): 40% - 60% of invested capital every six months for 5 years.

Example: If you invest NGN100,000 you will be earning NGN40,000 to NGN60,000
Working with a average of NGN50,000, it means you will be earnig NGN50,000 every six months for 5 years. Giving you a total earning of NGN500,000 for your investment of NGN100,000.

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